Ways of Showing your Art in Non-Gallery Venues

If you own an art gallery you were probably often asked by artists what you think about showing his/her work in places such as cafés or banks, displaying art out on these kinds of venues. If early in his/her career, we are hoping that the artist’s lack of experience won’t stop him from getting exposure by showing in a non-gallery venue, as it can be a good way for him to begin. Truth is the art is in the asking, but if you find something that looks like a good opportunity, you have to be aware of the pluses and minuses figure out your chances of making sales.


The venues might be showing the work to whole new audiences by posting good-quality well-composed images, so your followers get a chance to see how your art might look in their homes and that you’re actively getting your art out in front of the public. If the work is showing, you might have a shot at a sale, because this is the motivation, there is no room for disillusionment. It is good to make people be exposed to your work and if all goes well, you can get the owners to feature you prominently on their website or by allowing you to provide business cards and your resume at the front desk, so you’ll be in great shape.


Restaurants and other alternate venues may have a great love for the arts or feel that their clientele is interested in the art, but they might also want to enhance their decor with your amazing art which helps them do more business. Opportunities to show at non-art venues may sound great and alternative venues are becoming increasingly attractive, but research each opportunity on its own merits first in order to get exposure. They are not stuck with the art, so every few months they can change the exhibition and share a new one with their customers, so they are not looking at this as a chance to make a commission.


Every show you get is a line on your resume, and real world face-to-face art shows count, as well as online or physical venues, where you can get the word out about your art. As an artist, your goal doesn’t align with the venue’s motivation. No matter what the venue, make sure they state the fact that it’s for sale, whether a reception or opening, and to post images of people admiring your work, so that everybody wins.


It’s time to fill your belly, so take into consideration the best of these venues which actually have a reputation in local art communities and on the Internet. Always remember that somebody may fall in love with your art or spread the word about what you do, so there will be greater chances that good things will happen. If during the course of the year you can sell or be offered more exhibition opportunities, than it is a good idea to make an arrangement and work out exposing your work constantly.