Putting yourself out There: Exhibitions & Coffee Shops

If you want to know what kind of galleries are the “right” kinds of galleries, you need to consider what the place would say about your work, so it needs to feel fine and comfortable having your work there. The local coffee shop is iconic to most of us, the coolest place to be with your friends, but it can also be a great place for local artists or new to the scene painters. However, you should visit the place before saying yes, if an owner of a shop in town is interested, and make sure the amount of money covers the cost of the product at least.


Additionally, there is always the possibility that the artist and coffee shop get noticed for their artwork, gaining thus massive exposure. It allows them to engage with the community while giving guests and customers something unique to look at, as well as a reason to return. Read more to find out exactly how.


In order to establish the amount of time you are devoting to promoting as a Cafe Artist, you need to figure out the pros and cons through your own trial and error. If you’re struggling with shyness and you’re not feeling comfortable exposing, afraid that personal things might get out, it’s your desire to grow stronger than your fear that will make you go on. We think the main problem to solve here is what you want for your art career, especially if you are making a serious investment, and where you see your work.


Simply seek out a locally owned coffee shop, the popular hole-in-the-wall type, and avoid corporate giants. Also, don’t be settling for less at the restaurant where you work, saying the people there are so nice, taking on exhibits out of a lack of other opportunities, for sales purposes. Show up at dinner parties and get used to it, because your fear of others judging you and fear of failure will keep you in bad company.


Studies show that more and more buyers are turning to social media, so have some professional profile pictures taken and keep up with all of them. We tend to think that in the past no one had to self-promote but if they wanted to share or create, they had to face a scary public. When it comes to social media, think self-promotion and tweeting, and make it feel more like a creative multi-tasking project.


Coffee shops are often happy to adorn their walls with your art, appealing to lots of people for free, while art galleries often have peculiar hours or demand an entrance fee. Make a list of the coffee shops in your area which would make a good venue for your artwork and talk to the managers of the shops in person, because an email can be ignored but a face-to-face encounter will be based on your timing. Coffee gets you excited about new ideas, propels your thinking about seemingly unrelated things, so it will train yourself to associate it with pleasure.