5 Best Café Art Galleries in UK

From admiring Rembrandt’s brushstrokes to contemplating David Shrigley sculpture, there’s no better way to finish off a visit to an art location. Don’t worry, it is not about your standard coffee and cakes where you can’t sit down for a proper meal or bowls of gelato, you can have all the cocktails you can muster. Museums and restaurants are still daytime affairs, and the best of these include the Blueprint Café, the Wallace Collection and the V&A.


An essential part of going out for the day is the post gallery feed, having a coffee and a cake and deliberating with great food in one of our picks of gallery cafes. The V&A used to call itself an ace caff, but caffs simply don’t cut it, as the leading cultural institutions boast guest chefs and late-night opening nowadays. Don’t exit through the gift shop of London’s cultural institutions, as all the beautiful art UK has to offer is included in this handy guide, mixed with cafés, so you won’t be wandering the streets for scraps of food.


Museum and art gallery cafés have come of age, so we had to find a destination as an exhibition that will be able to feed the appetite as well, and such are the art gallery cafés. If you don’t have a companion we recommend you to hire an escort and ask her to come with you in order to not feel alone. As a tip, you can make the most of your time in UK, by having a smart London escort with you, who can offer you even more than sexual pleasure during your visit. If you decide to visit one of our top location then it’s an excellent idea to browse one of the many escort agencies and request the desired services, as these days they are everywhere in England.


  1. The Wallace Restaurant


This is a French-style brasserie, decorated with potted trees, where visitors can escape into a luxurious 18th century setting for a great lunch.


  1. The Ragged Canteen


Inside, you will find an ethically sourced vegetarian seasonal fare, and homemade cake, as well as free wifi and newspapers.


  1. Garden Museum Café

Attached to the Garden Museum, it’s a stunning space you could walk right past, where the menu is hyper-seasonal, and be careful because you might fall in love with the place. Grilled onion can be tasted at Garden Café, along with a strange slice of London, sandwiched between the Palace of Westminster and Vauxhall. For more information, check out gardenmuseum.org.uk.


  1. National Dining Rooms

The attached café serves Peyton & Byrne cakes. Located in the National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, the smart National Dining created a sensation unexpected from a museum caterer.


  1. After Hours – Whitechapel Gallery

The Whitechapel has an impressive record since the beginning of 2017, as the duo behind 10 Greek Street has run this wine bar with a simple menu of cheese and homemade terrines alongside a craft beer and wine list, as well as a fortnightly Friday tasting.